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Total views by wiki at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Wiki Wiki Views
51.en.wiktionary705,552wiki views,049wiki views,781wiki views,828wiki views,874wiki views
56.en.m.wiktionary544,375wiki views
57.hi.m.wikipedia526,259wiki views
58.da.m.wikipedia513,554wiki views,220wiki views,217wiki views
61.el.wikipedia450,578wiki views,381wiki views,666wiki views,994wiki views
65.el.m.wikipedia411,108wiki views,626wiki views,707wiki views,378wiki views,611wiki views
70.da.wikipedia318,304wiki views,170wiki views,571wiki views,199wiki views,269wiki views,225wiki views,633wiki views,133wiki views,068wiki views,417wiki views,494wiki views
81.en.wikibooks246,206wiki views
82.en.wikiquote234,839wiki views,820wiki views,708wiki views,090wiki views,886wiki views
87.simple.wikipedia188,722wiki views,544wiki views
89.simple.m.wikipedia177,002wiki views,247wiki views,859wiki views,546wiki views,715wiki views,223wiki views
95.kk.wikipedia156,985wiki views
96..wikimedia153,969wiki views,733wiki views,949wiki views,936wiki views
100.hi.wikipedia143,706wiki views
Rank Wiki Wiki Views

Total views broke down by project at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Project Project Views
1.wikipedia499,444,987 project views
2.commons.wikimedia3,879,322 project views
3.wiktionary3,427,008 project views
4.wikiquote2,507,242 project views
5.1,293,557 project views
6.wikibooks783,024project views
7.wikisource608,571project views
8.wikivoyage128,307project views
9.wikiversity124,785project views
10.meta.wikimedia100,980project views
11.wikinews90,581project views
12.species.wikimedia50,495project views
13.incubator.wikimedia10,241project views
Rank Project Project Views
Sum all 512,449,100 project views in total

Total views broke down by delivery type at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
1.mobile256,354,564 views
2.desktop251,541,416 views
3.zero4,553,120 views
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total

Total views broke down by language at day 2016-11-19 (top 10 and subdomain only; see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Language Views for Language
1.en244,071,934 views
2.ja35,020,104 views
3.es32,404,256 views
4.ru31,985,454 views
5.de31,353,501 views
6.fr23,618,764 views
7.it17,594,080 views
8.zh11,744,082 views
9.pt10,583,083 views
10.pl8,580,741 views
Rank Language Views for Language
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total
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