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Total views by wiki at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Wiki Wiki Views
2184..wikimedia1wiki views
2185..wikimedia1wiki views
2186..wikimedia1wiki views
2187..wikimedia1wiki views
2188..wikimedia1wiki views
2189..wikimedia1wiki views
2190..wikimedia1wiki views
2191..wikimedia1wiki views
2192..wikimedia1wiki views
2193..wikimedia1wiki views
2194..wikimedia1wiki views
2195..wikimedia1wiki views
2196..wikimedia1wiki views
2197..wikimedia1wiki views
2198..wikimedia1wiki views
2199..wikimedia1wiki views
2200..wikimedia1wiki views
2201..wikimedia1wiki views
2202..wikimedia1wiki views
2203..wikimedia1wiki views
2204..wikimedia1wiki views
2205..wikimedia1wiki views
2206..wikimedia1wiki views
2207..wikimedia1wiki views
2208..wikimedia1wiki views
2209..wikimedia1wiki views
2210..wikimedia1wiki views
2211..wikimedia1wiki views
2212..wikimedia1wiki views
2213..wikimedia1wiki views
2214..wikimedia1wiki views views
2216..wikimedia1wiki views
2217..wikimedia1wiki views
2218..wikimedia1wiki views
2219..wikimedia1wiki views
2220..wikimedia1wiki views views
2222..wikimedia1wiki views
2223..wikimedia1wiki views
2224..wikimedia1wiki views
2225..wikimedia1wiki views
2226..wikimedia1wiki views
2227..wikimedia1wiki views
2228..wikimedia1wiki views
2229..wikimedia1wiki views
2230..wikimedia1wiki views views
2232..wikimedia1wiki views
2233..wikimedia1wiki views
Rank Wiki Wiki Views

Total views broke down by project at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Project Project Views
1.wikipedia499,444,987 project views
2.commons.wikimedia3,879,322 project views
3.wiktionary3,427,008 project views
4.wikiquote2,507,242 project views
5.1,293,557 project views
6.wikibooks783,024project views
7.wikisource608,571project views
8.wikivoyage128,307project views
9.wikiversity124,785project views
10.meta.wikimedia100,980project views
11.wikinews90,581project views
12.species.wikimedia50,495project views
13.incubator.wikimedia10,241project views
Rank Project Project Views
Sum all 512,449,100 project views in total

Total views broke down by delivery type at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
1.mobile256,354,564 views
2.desktop251,541,416 views
3.zero4,553,120 views
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total

Total views broke down by language at day 2016-11-19 (top 10 and subdomain only; see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Language Views for Language
1.en244,071,934 views
2.ja35,020,104 views
3.es32,404,256 views
4.ru31,985,454 views
5.de31,353,501 views
6.fr23,618,764 views
7.it17,594,080 views
8.zh11,744,082 views
9.pt10,583,083 views
10.pl8,580,741 views
Rank Language Views for Language
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total
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