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Total views by wiki at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Wiki Wiki Views,545wiki views,854wiki views,985wiki views,965wiki views,312wiki views
106.kk.m.wikipedia126,915wiki views,929wiki views,610wiki views
109.cs.wikiquote111,079wiki views
110.en.m.wikibooks110,092wiki views,397wiki views
112.ka.wikipedia105,401wiki views,859wiki views,487wiki views,626wiki views
116.m.meta.wikimedia100,980wiki views,293wiki views,434wiki views,684wiki views
120.hy.wikipedia86,721wiki views,493wiki views
122.en.wikisource84,995wiki views,417wiki views,314wiki views,362wiki views,348wiki views,792wiki views
128.en.m.wikiquote77,789wiki views,140wiki views,808wiki views
131..wikimedia76,179wiki views,458wiki views
133.el.m.wiktionary67,410wiki views,484wiki views,638wiki views
136.sq.m.wikipedia64,348wiki views,056wiki views,626wiki views
139.zh-yue.wikipedia61,429wiki views,122wiki views
141.sq.wikipedia60,932wiki views,913wiki views
143.ta.wikipedia60,208wiki views,992wiki views
145.ta.m.wikipedia59,515wiki views
146.eo.wikipedia58,381wiki views,907wiki views,946wiki views
149.el.wiktionary56,677wiki views,145wiki views
Rank Wiki Wiki Views

Total views broke down by project at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Project Project Views
1.wikipedia499,444,987 project views
2.commons.wikimedia3,879,322 project views
3.wiktionary3,427,008 project views
4.wikiquote2,507,242 project views
5.1,293,557 project views
6.wikibooks783,024project views
7.wikisource608,571project views
8.wikivoyage128,307project views
9.wikiversity124,785project views
10.meta.wikimedia100,980project views
11.wikinews90,581project views
12.species.wikimedia50,495project views
13.incubator.wikimedia10,241project views
Rank Project Project Views
Sum all 512,449,100 project views in total

Total views broke down by delivery type at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
1.mobile256,354,564 views
2.desktop251,541,416 views
3.zero4,553,120 views
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total

Total views broke down by language at day 2016-11-19 (top 10 and subdomain only; see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Language Views for Language
1.en244,071,934 views
2.ja35,020,104 views
3.es32,404,256 views
4.ru31,985,454 views
5.de31,353,501 views
6.fr23,618,764 views
7.it17,594,080 views
8.zh11,744,082 views
9.pt10,583,083 views
10.pl8,580,741 views
Rank Language Views for Language
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total
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