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Total views by wiki at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Wiki Wiki Views
1.en.wikipedia121,918,650 wiki views
2.en.m.wikipedia117,956,191 wiki views
3.ja.m.wikipedia20,968,442 wiki views,383,934 wiki views,313,796 wiki views,019,794 wiki views,778,566 wiki views,605,176 wiki views
9.ja.wikipedia13,961,600 wiki views,769,382 wiki views,876,905 wiki views,678,180 wiki views,558,604 wiki views,799,132 wiki views
15.zh.wikipedia6,571,890 wiki views,609,345 wiki views
17.zh.m.wikipedia5,042,365 wiki views,769,774 wiki views,292,550 wiki views
20.m.commons.wikimedia3,879,322 wiki views,564,313 wiki views,470,699 wiki views,171,689 wiki views,777,573 wiki views,588,093 wiki views,533,413 wiki views,508,708 wiki views,185,860 wiki views
29.fa.m.wikipedia2,052,523 wiki views,049,865 wiki views,718,764 wiki views,631,481 wiki views
33.cs.wikipedia1,342,792 wiki views,327,609 wiki views
35.ko.m.wikipedia1,300,818 wiki views,201,848 wiki views
37.fa.wikipedia1,134,173 wiki views,109,183 wiki views
39.he.m.wikipedia986,155 wiki views,231 wiki views
41.ko.wikipedia947,822 wiki views
42..wikimedia926,905 wiki views
43.cs.m.wikipedia857,075 wiki views,948 wiki views,120 wiki views
46.he.wikipedia821,197 wiki views,893 wiki views,370 wiki views,238 wiki views,815 wiki views
Rank Wiki Wiki Views

Total views broke down by project at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Project Project Views
1.wikipedia499,444,987 project views
2.commons.wikimedia3,879,322 project views
3.wiktionary3,427,008 project views
4.wikiquote2,507,242 project views
5.1,293,557 project views
6.wikibooks783,024project views
7.wikisource608,571project views
8.wikivoyage128,307project views
9.wikiversity124,785project views
10.meta.wikimedia100,980project views
11.wikinews90,581project views
12.species.wikimedia50,495project views
13.incubator.wikimedia10,241project views
Rank Project Project Views
Sum all 512,449,100 project views in total

Total views broke down by delivery type at day 2016-11-19 (see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
1.mobile256,354,564 views
2.desktop251,541,416 views
3.zero4,553,120 views
Rank Delivery Type Views of Type
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total

Total views broke down by language at day 2016-11-19 (top 10 and subdomain only; see FAQ) [ALPHA]
Rank Language Views for Language
1.en244,071,934 views
2.ja35,020,104 views
3.es32,404,256 views
4.ru31,985,454 views
5.de31,353,501 views
6.fr23,618,764 views
7.it17,594,080 views
8.zh11,744,082 views
9.pt10,583,083 views
10.pl8,580,741 views
Rank Language Views for Language
Sum all 512,449,100 views in total
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